Listing Details converts 50% of its customers to subscription model, revenue 301K in a week

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Popular converts 50% of its customers to subscription model, revenue 301K in a week converts 50% of its customers to subscription model, revenue 301K in a week, operating since August 2019, has delivered basic groceries to over to 31k families across Mumbai ever since its launch.

A tie up between Kirana stores and customers, the value-added services subscription and on-time and quick deliveries provided by, have been gaining high interest by housemakers, whether it’s a family or a bachelor.

The platform even received requests from people traveling to Mumbai as shared by researchers.

Considering climate impact, it’s important to understand that even if basic commodities are sourced from nearest available spot, one is contributing a lot to nature in his lifetime. I am happy that my team is able to create a wonderful connect between Kirana vendors and customers that have chosen us as the safest, quickest and nature-friendly marketplace,” says Akshay Raja Poojari Founder & CEO, sets benchmark in communication methods, which in turn, allow users to receive product in few minutes. The marketplace uses existing 6 crores Kirana stores across India to ensure on-time customer delivery every single time.

Excluding the margin that has with the vendors, the subscription model itself has gained sheer value of Rs.310,573 in one week. The model allows customers to book an entire range at flat 50% off, or 100% off for 6 months or 1 year.

2,847 families have already agreed for subscription split by 2,127 (6 months) and 720 (1 year). The model allows to book a flow of 69,175 kgs of groceries across India for up to 24 months. The marketplace plans to use the invested and return funds to enhance Kirana store facilities in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Haryana, along with secondary target to convert existing customer base into subscription model. targets to reach 1lakh subscription by the end of 2019.

Upon asking for franchisee availability, Akshay said: “We are currently not outsourcing business as our focus is to keep growing. We may have different set of concerns in a new market.”

Backed up with a billion and marginally profited enrolments, plans to invest in technological changes inside Kirana stores to maintain inventory and, quick workflow to save energy of both customers and shopkeepers.

The B2B sector for has been gaining vendor connects where 400 hoteliers have already been requested to accept the marginal difference provided by

Over shooting recent targets, has already converted 142 out of 400 restaurants across Mumbai for frequent delivery until 2024. Now by tapping hotels in Mangalore, could extend up to 720% of business growth per year. Bulk orders are expected to receive in full throttle before Diwali in 2019.

The marketplace targets to reach every single on-boarded customer to share basic requirements of groceries, even if it’s a little quantity.

Believing in zero carbon emission, also wants to ensure orders are fully delivered by Kirana partners. “There’s nothing more we could give back to the nature if basic requirement of an individual is opting for zero carbon emission,” Akshay says.

Placing an order with helps you get a step ahead and contribute for a greener tomorrow.

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