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An efficient distribution system where customer places advance order and procurement is done just in time, sorted and sent to distribution outlet for pickup. This model hinges on the fact that during peak times when most people are on the move to office, college or school, i.e. from point A to point B, certain nodes are created from where much of the people have to pass through. So they can pick up their pre-placed orders if we place a distribution outlet in their path thereby reducing the links in the distribution chain. We will start with customer acquisition by providing meals to the customer.

We know from experience that controlling what you eat is very time consuming. From procuring each ingredient, chopping veggies and standing in the kitchen heat, it takes a lot of time and energy out of the day. And since everyone doesn't have knowledge of nutrition, they might not make right choices consistently. We consistently rank lowest in global nutrition reports and the cases of anemia, obesity and heart problems are on the rise. Everyone is affected, even the wealthy. Even though there are many options, they are far from satisfactory in terms of health, hygiene and daily pricing. Main obstacle is distribution. Since the demand is volatile in terms of location, time and the goods are highly perishable; this drives up the cost of service. But in our model, customer will select their order and pickup location ahead of time and thus, we will know what to procure and where to supply, reducing distribution resources needed. On the way to work/ college/ school or back, customer can pick up their order. This system removes many variables in the distribution and helps us maintain quality since we won’t have to keep active inventories.


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