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Halo Health App

Your Virtual Healthcare Partner

We offer a one-stop solution for all the medical needs for consumers and educate the masses with the medical adequacies by providing blogs in vernacular languages in a web-based and app solution.
Our product will be divided into 6 categories:
1. Insurance - Insurance penetration in the country in 3.69% in 2017. This is due to lack of
awareness amongst people who see only the short-term costs and not the long-term
benefits. Our Insurance section will have detailed content for insurance policies for
better understanding, as well as social blog feeds educating the public on the benefits of
insurance coverage that will bring in new customer bases interested in insurance
policies. This along with the fact that we have multiple services available on the app,
allows us to have targeted marketing strategies on people who come in, for instance, for
pharmacy and doctor consultations, to get an interest in buying an insurance policy.
2. Blogs - According to the market research and industry analysis, we found that medical
awareness is very low in India. For increasing medical awareness, we are introducing the
blogs section, where consumers can read medical related articles in their regional
languages; over web and smartphones and lookup diagnostics for their symptoms. They
will also receive suggestions for medicines, and the option to get doctor consultations
from doctors specialized in their illness. The blog feed would be personalized according
to the consumer needs by AI/ML technologies.
3. Pharmacy - Since the population of India is getting tech-savvy and growing at a rapid
pace, everybody expects services to be delivered at their doorstep. In HALO, we offer
quick delivery of medical products to the consumers and offer best prices and referral
programs. We at HALO, provide monthly subscription to consumers so they don’t have
to worry about recurring purchases, at subsidized prices.

4. Doctor Consultation - The ratio of patients to doctors in India is very high. The
understaffed conditions are causing doctors to increase their consultation fees, and
increasing patient wait times. With lower rates and quick diagnoses, we will improve the
health of the nation by making it easier, cheaper and convenient to use. Most people
tend to buy medicine without doctor consultation; this can be significantly reduced from
the implementation of this technology. There will also be a feature where the medicines
recommended by the doctor will be added to the cart, with the option to directly

5. Ambulance - Over all, Indian cities staff an average of one ambulance per 51,223
persons. Most of these ambulances are also poorly equipped and patrol too large of an
area to reach on time. We at HALO plan on integrating our ambulance service to always
give the nearest and well-equipped ambulance at reasonable prices so that people get
the best service during the time of an emergency.
6. Diagnostics - Pathology tests are very cumbersome and expensive to get done in India.
We will provide diagnostic services for much cheaper rates and better analysis of their
diagnostics. This will make the entire process easy to use and understand for the


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