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With the aim of encouraging our peers to reach their unique potential and empowering them to become eminent entrepreneurs. We provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to build a strong network with professional corporates and skills to take on the Business world.

The Entrepreneurship Cell is a society which ensures carving out the hidden entrepreneur in the students eyeing a lucrative position in the corporate world.

Vision of E-Cell:
Our vision is to help students who have an idea, product and burning desire to give HR, management, convincing skills, market exposure and investors for their startup. This cell will help students to understand the business world by actually working in a start-up.

Objectives of E-Cell:
Inculcate the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship.
To spread the knowledge about entrepreneurship through guest lectures etc.
Motivate students to develop their own start-ups.
Identifying the brightest ideas and giving them one platform and convert them into real business.